Vehicle Protection System
Available for any make or model vehicle

Carband™ Vehicle Protection System.The ultimate cover accessory and 360º medium long term parking solution is here.

New to market, Carband™ is unique in its application, as well as cover use, Carband™ is also offering 360 degree protection from minor bumps, scrapes and scratches.

Carband™ Features

Fully breathable Spacer Fabric material. Allows air circulation.
Weather Proof, easy maintenance, cold sponge clean, durable strong matrix construction, retains shape and elasticity, breathes, medically derived human wearing material, always breathing, will absorb moisture and continually expel

Storage and Application
Simple and straightforward to apply. Easily stored in the boot of a car. Now being supplied to long term vehicle storage companies as well as domestic garages.

Bespoke orders can be taken, giving different thicknesses, compressions and extra large or small bands.

Fully Printable
Any logos, corporate branding and personalisation can be printed to your design. Special service available.

Tight Fitting and Self Securing
A complete band of impact absorbing material that encompasses the whole vehicle in a tight-fitting , self-securing band. Making any cover secure giving extra protection and long term piece of mind.

Compact and Lightweight
Weighing between 2-4 kgs only, with an unstretched width of 750mm giving an average 700mm stretched protection.

Carband™ Applications

  • Securing any cover, have piece of mind with any medium long term application. No more blowing away or disturbed covers. Come home to a covered vehicle.
  • Giving full and secure extra protection with any cover, where the cover finishes Carband™ will protect the underneath, brakes, discs, rotors, exhaust, ancillaries, steering, suspension, Wheels and Tyres, Stopping UV Ray Damage of Tyre Walls, breathing and expelling moisture the whole time.
  • STOP the elements reaching under the Vehicle, especially in outdoors use.
  • Giving extra Securing against Wind, Gust, Dust, Storm. limiting any movement
  • Communal Garaging, Underground, private Garage, Condo, Street Parking
  • Medium-Long Term Parking/Storage, vehicle storage companies, car cullections
  • Domestic Garages, the most common indoor use, BMX bikes, Lawnmowers, Gulf Clubs, kids, Mums moving round the garage! Can be used inside with or without a cover
  • Customer Valet/Secure VIP Parking/Airport/BONDED WAREHOUSE
  • As in the initial design Carband™ is only recommended WITH a cover for all outside use with or without a cover for indoor use. 
  • Applying Carband™ is easy,  a two person fit is recommended for uncovered cars, typically 2 minutes, Vehicles with covers can be fitted on your own, 2/3 Minutes
  • Prestige Car Showrooms, Dealer Storage, Service Parking Area, Client Cullection
  • Advertising & Brand Awareness. Print your company message and advertise while PARKED! Any priniting including security tagging, number plates, personalised
  • Vehicle Transportation, ferries, rail transport, Car Transporters trailering. Please note any trailering use should be first discussed with the supplying dealer, ensuring a very tight fit, and the vehicle is suitable.
  • Ideal Sales Incentive for New or Used Vehicles


Carband™ Spacer Technology